Go Green for 2014 and Beyond!

As businesses, we are all faced with the challenges of keeping costs down, whether you are a small or globally-recognised organisation. We are all now responsible for reducing waste, lowering energy consumption and capping carbon emissions.

However, there are steps we can all take to save money and help reduce our carbon footprint. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business switching off a computer at the end of the day or a multinational with hundreds of employees, the statistics are still the same – computers and any kind of technology can account for half the electricity used in a typical office. Just one computer alone being left on standby can cost a business up to £20 a year.

If we all adopt eco-friendly policies when thinking about the purchases we make, and support organisations that adopt a strong environmental stance as we do at Mode, it makes perfect financial sense! Also, by adopting this policy we can all be mindful of the environment whilst still meeting our customers’ needs.

Studies have shown that a healthy office environment has a beneficial effect, creating a positive working environment and benefitting concentration levels. By having solid environmental programmes in place, keep staff tend to be happier and –  more importantly –  healthier, with fewer sick days reported. There is also evidence that companies adopting healthy-office strategies are able  to attract a higher calibre of staff.

It has also been shown that companies  operating a more sustainable culture are likely to outperform the competition whilst also being regarded more highly in the communities in which they work. Ultimately, eco-savvy organisations are more likely to innovate and produce products and services that consumers want, resulting in a loyal consumer base.

Operating a green business shows you operate a smart business. You need to motivate your staff, enabling them to be greener in their practices and purchases, thus empowering them to make their working environment a better place to operate in.
Go green for 2014 and beyond!

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