Mode’s Annual Summer BBQ

summer company bbq

It was touch and Go as to whether the Mode’s annual family summer BBQ could still go ahead. We like to support our local establishments and therefore used a pub where they all knew us and we could relax together.

However, the weather was not looking great. As people made their way to the pub, they were faced with torrential rain. There was a lot of water on the roads; would people make it to the venue? Would we be able to play all the exciting games that were on offer? Would we be faced with having all the companies’ children and partners in a tiny pub?! Would the BBQ be rained on so much the sausages would sizzle out??

The thoughts were terrifying. There had been so much planning happen and it could all go wrong. The summer BBQ is always such a great opportunity for the whole “Family” to get together. It’s a chance for the whole team, whether they are operations, out in the field (Our Engineers) or our highly trained sales team, to get together kick back and relax with all our families.

However, as the time approached for the sausages to be cooked the rain stopped, the sun broke out and we were able to enjoy the British summer!

Mode team

There were plenty of games to be enjoyed by Adults and children alike, Boules, football, darts (obviously the soft sort!) and as time drew on, as the food cooked (and was promptly eaten) and the games carried on, as our pictures will show- it was questionable who enjoyed it the most –the adults or the children!

Here’s to another extremely successful Mode Summer BBQ and let’s look forward to the Christmas frivolity.

Team England Wins the Dance World Cup

In July we supported Design Dance Theatre Arts by helping their dancers travel to Portugal for the 2014 World Cup. We are extremely proud to announce that the team won first place out of 38 countries, for the 2nd year running. England was placed first with 383 points, Spain was second with 225, and Portugal came third with 211 points.

dance world cup

The dance school from Welwyn Garden City is Team England’s key dance school, so the majority of medals were won by the children Mode sponsored. Sienna (aged 8) won a total of 7 medals, 4 of which were gold. Lexi (aged 6) also won gold as she took part in the tap dance competition with her sister.

Their mother, Georgia, told us that “it was an amazing experience, and I would like to thank you for your support. We had very little commercial support and your generosity has been greatly appreciated.”

charity dance contribution

As always, we are delighted to be able to help our local community and ensure that local schools and clubs have access to international opportunities like this Dance competition.

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