5 Ways to Cut Down on Photocopying Costs

Regardless of your industry, photocopying and printing are key business expenses and the processes are key to ensuring that you can continue working. Whether you’re printing schedules, contracts, proofreading work, or creating marketing materials it’s likely that you would like to cut down the costs. As a business grows, these expenses only grow, so implementing money saving ideas now can help you expand your business without massively increasing print costs.

1) Use a Multi- Functional Device

Using an MFD can cut down on running costs and reduce the amount of space you need for your print system. It also reduces your energy consumption and operational costs, as well as cutting down on the amount that you need to buy.

2) Encourage Staff to Use the Scanner

Instead of photocopying documents, encourage your staff to scan and email items as much as possible. This way, they can still share information but it cuts down on the amount of paper and consumables. It also means that you have less clutter in the office and reduce your impact on the environment.

3) Print on Both Sides

It’s such a simple solution but it’s incredibly effective – using the duplex option on your machine will ensure that you print on both sides of the paper. Saving money on paper can drastically reduce your print costs as this spend makes up a large proportion of your consumable costs.

4) Print Instead of Photocopying

Your print system should show you what documents have been copied. Review these regularly to see whether they are continually copied and need to be distributed to everybody. If that’s the case, it’s actually cheaper to print the documents instead of photocopying them. This can reduce your ink usage and improve the quality of the copies.

5) Go Paperless

Offices traditionally like to have paper copies of documents to file away. Going paperless can seem strange, but scanning and filing documents electronically means you reduce printing costs and need less storage in your office. If you prefer  to store additional copies for added security, you can use Cloud storage instead of needing physical cabinets in the office.

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