Is Your Business Ready for the Christmas Rush?

5 Golden Rules to See You Through the Holiday Season

It’s true to say that every year Christmas comes upon us all at such a speed that before we know it we are in November, and we have no Christmas presents or ordered any Christmas Cards! More importantly though our businesses are not ready to cope with the demand of the busiest periods of the year.

Here are Mode’s top 5 tips for how to survive this festive season:

Choose the Right Supplier for Your Business Needs

It’s such a common thing we hear at Mode when we meet new clients. “We have a few different suppliers for our print solutions” or “ we don’t know how much we spend in the entirety”, “we have to order consumables from different companies”. There is often an absence of coordinated purchasing.

Having different suppliers can severely hold up your business functions. There are too many different people to talk to and not one point of call.

We would always advise working with a single supplier. At Mode we would review your whole business and ascertain what equipment would suit your needs for what your business does. A designated Account Manager would always be on hand to advise you should your needs change, but it would mean your business would always have one point of contact with regards to any equipment you may have. The best business relationships are those that have a positive impact on our customers. As Mode immerses into your business, it allows us to solve real problems to have significant impact.

Finding Reliable Equipment

This is often trickier than it sounds. You can be inclined to think that certain machines could suit your needs and then another requirement becomes apparent within your organisation. However, what becomes apparent in reality is that the equipment may not have all the functions you require, thus slowing your productivity down which is certainly not helpful in this busy period.

As Mode is not committed to a single brand for print solutions it means that we can provide you with unbiased opinions as to what will work for you. Our experienced account managers will really spend time looking at what your company truly needs so that we know what managed print solutions will work for you.

Choosing the Right Contract with Your Supplier

Another thing we often hear is the use of over-complicated contracts that have hidden costs. Many businesses discover that once they have signed with a Print solutions company, the finance is with a third party that they have never heard of, and suddenly this third party are in control of what they owe!

Mode likes to keep things SIMPLE. Our unique product means that business life for our customers remain just that. Simple. It’s about our relationship with our customers. We like to provide the ultimate complete package. We don’t like to over complicate our contracts. We spend the time explaining the cost and what we deliver for that cost. You will only ever deal with Mode, no third party, no bank, only us and we’ll ensure that we dispose of all your old equipment for you with no fuss or stress for you. One less thing to worry about this festive season!

Service Agreements

Your machines break down just as you are trying to get some products out to your customers before Christmas. Or the colour isn’t printing properly when you are trying to do a presentation to secure a deal before everyone breaks for the festivities. The engineers from your service provider take several days to respond or cannot fix the issues, therefore holding up your productivity with your work force.

You will never have this issue with Mode. Our response rate is the best in the industry. Our engineers are never too far away and we will aim to fix any issues as quickly as possible so that there is minimal disruption to any of your work flow and we ensure that you are back up and running as soon as possible.

Peace of Mind

This is so essential when you embark on any agreement with any company. Mode like to give you ultimate peace of mind in everything so that you know that whatever your print solutions needs, whatever happens to go wrong, however you need to get your consumables however you need to pay for them. You only have to deal with us. One point of contact.

Ultimately your business needs to be ready for Christmas, let us help you get ready for that rush, so that nothing prevents you making Christmas 2014 the best your company has ever had.


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