Printing from Your Phone: There’s an App for That

Smartphones are ubiquitous – even if your business doesn’t provide sales people with smartphones, it’s likely that your staff have used their phones for checking emails or other work tasks at some point. If they’re doing more and more of their work from smartphones and tablets, it makes sense to let them print from those devices.

At the moment, emailing items between the devices is the simplest way of getting them from place to place. Unfortunately, this wastes time and can present problems if you need to print a particularly large file.

PrintBack from Xerox Printers

That’s why Xerox launched PrintBack – an app for both Android and iOS devices that let you print to the device at work from your mobile or tablet. It works with any printer, regardless of connection type, manufacturer, or technology so you don’t even have to have a Xerox printer to use it.

Small businesses will be delighted to know that the app is free and incredibly easy to use. There are no issues with finding the right printer since it uses the one that’s already connected to your work computer.

What Else Does it Do?

If you’re not quite ready to print, you can use the connection to your work computer to save items to the download folder or to your Dropbox account. It’s basically a fuss-free way to connect your work computer to your phone and let you move documents between the different devices, depending on where you are and what you need to do.

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