Update on the SweetTree Challenge

Phil and Barry have done amazingly well over the past couple of days with the cycle part of the journey well underway.

Day 17 was completed yesterday, a wet but very successful day. With now only 3 more days left of the challenge we should have them back safe and sound for Wednesday, 4pm for cold beers and hot pizza with the rest of the SweetTree team at Swiss Cottage HQ You are more than welcome to join us if you are free ?

Day 18 MONDAY Aug 24th Morecombe to Macclesfield 89.1
Day 19 TUESDAY Aug 25th Macclesfield to Rugby 94.9
Day 20 WEDNESDAY Aug 26th Rugby to Swiss Cottage (SweetTree) 91.9


Did you see the latest image… Barry and Phil in the famous Gretna Green!


3 Ways to Print Great Photos at the Office

print photos

While most office printers aren’t designed for ongoing photo printing, if you’ve had a recent event and just want to print off a few snaps it can be a lot easier, faster, and cheaper to do it at the office than sending them off for processing.

You can’t necessarily expect the same sort of results, so if you need professional quality prints it’s important to send them to a printer that can handle the work. Laser printers are getting better at handling photographs, but inkjets are still considerably better. Inkjet printers can print at the same sort of quality as you’d get from a typical highstreet shop printing service.

So, how can you get the best results from your printer?

Use the Right Paper

Photo paper isn’t just important for the gloss or matte finish. The paper is less likely to be soaked by the ink – standard paper can’t handle the amount of ink that a photograph requires, meaning that the results can be blurry and the paper can even warp.

Print Direct from the Camera

You may have the option of printing directly from your camera, which can give you a much better quality image with more detail and better contrast. It’s worth taking some time to experiment with the different printing options to see which gives you the effect you’re looking for.

Remember that Screens and Paper Colours Work Differently

The difference between CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) and RGB (Red Green Black) is subtle, but it can make the difference between being on-brand or having totally different colours. Check how your file is formatted and change to a CMYK .pfd or .jpeg if required.

Did you know we sell cartridges for many brands of desktop inkjet printers? Call 0845 223 2203 to find out more.

Mode Proudly Supports the SweetTree Challenge 2015

sweettree challenge vanWe believe that every business has a social responsibility, which is why we support charities locally and around the UK every year.

Today, we’re supporting SweetTree Home Care Services in this year’s challenge. The team are walking from The Mulberry Centre to Scotland over 15 days and then cycling all the way back!

The Mulberry Centre offers a lifeline to 1,600 people every year, providing support and valuable information for people affected by cancer. They work to improve people’s physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing while they overcome the disease.

SweetTree will be posting about the journey on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – you can follow updates via the hashtag #SweetTreeChallenge or check in here to see the latest pics.

If you would like to donate to the cause and help provide support to thousands of people with cancer, just text SCOT15 £5 to 70070.

Good luck to Phil and the team!

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