Mode Academy Celebrates Our Investment in People with 2 Recent Promotions

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At Mode we like to celebrate our sales teams’ achievements. Every member of our sales team is rigorously trained in our very own Mode Academy. Led by our Sales Trainee Development Manager Nick Ball, all trainees are professionally developed, learning our ‘Mode way’ and given all the tools and expertise to enable them to have all the latest product and technological information. Each recruit goes through intensive training so it is a real achievement when they pass the Mode Academy.

This week has certainly been a successful week with 2 trainees graduating to be sent out to the field to sell for Mode.

We caught up with the 2 guys who have been successful in the Academy.

Ben Patrick

Ben has been with Mode since September 2014 straight from 6th Form College where he also had a part time job at Sainsbury’s. Ben joined Mode, having always wanted to pursue a career in customer facing sales. Ben had heard from people he knew within the industry how successful Mode were and how much we were expanding, and he wanted to be part of that success! Ben commented:

“The Mode Academy has been a catalyst in my progression from trainee to salesperson and it’s also been extremely beneficial to me personally.

“I came into the company as a young boy from school and within the year I have grown and developed in my confidence with extensive knowledge so that I can go out into the field and meet customers! This is all due to the amount of training that the company invests into their staff. There is a real sense of togetherness at Mode as well as desire to succeed. This is all stems from Nick who has been influential in my development.”

Luke Thompson

Luke joined the team in November 2014 and he joined us from the management team at Tesco.

He had always wanted to get into sales and having seen the work environment at our Head office and the opportunities Mode offered to succeed, he could not wait to be part of the team! Luke commented:

“I think Mode is fantastic! They really take the time to make sure you have all the tools available to be successful, and that you have excellent training. Everybody gets involved and helps you with any obstacles. The training is challenging, however, the end result gives you endless opportunity to succeed at the highest level”

We wish Ben and Luke all the success in their next stage of their journey at Mode and look forward to seeing them continue to develop within the business.

Print Tips from Xerox

xerox printing tips

Partnering with the best suppliers in the business means that our clients benefit from cutting-edge technologies as well as decades of print knowledge. We like to make it easier for our clients to find useful information, which is why we round up some of the best blog posts from our suppliers.

Here, you can find out how to improve your document management, increase automation, reduce paper costs, and choose the best paper for every single print job. Find out how Xerox’s knowledge and experience can help you to improve your workspace and processes by reading the articles below.

How Smart Document Management Fuels Growth

Automate the Things You Can, Help the Things You Can’t

Tips for Working Better Every Day

How Cystic Fibrosis Trust Eliminates Paper Costs

The Hidden Cost of Printing for SMBs

Cut the Cord: How Print From Anywhere is Changing the Way We Work

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Tips on Choosing Paper

Mode Proudly Support Paper Cut’s New Demo Suite

mode printers

As one of our premier partners, we have had a close working relationship with Paper Cut for many years as part of our Managed Print Suite proposition for our customers. We were only too happy to support Papercut when they asked for our support in their new showroom by providing them with a selection of machines we supply to our customers. Paper cut asked for various machines so that they could show the full extent of their services on a wide range of products.

Mode supplied Xerox Ricoh and Lexmark equipment for the Papercut demonstration suite.

printer show room

Richard King Channel Partner Manager for UK & Ireland commented

“The iTS London office recently opened a new PaperCut demo suite loaded with the most up-to-date PaperCut features and technologies that includes a number of industry-leading manufacturers devices. When we approached Mode Print Solutions, a long standing and high profile PaperCut Value Added partner of iTS in the UK, they were delighted to assist and swiftly arranged for the delivery and installation of a new Ricoh, Xerox and Lexmark MFD. iTS would like to take this opportunity to extend their thanks to Michael and the team for arranging this and look forward to welcoming their clients to the demo suite to unleash the power of PaperCut.”

Please click here to understand more about how a managed print solution would benefit you.

International Print Day


International Print Day is today – the grassroots campaign was created to promote print as an environmentally and socially responsible way of communicating.

Print Day has 4 main aims:

  1. Dispel the myths about print
  2. Prove print is a viable, advantageous, and powerful mode of communication
  3. Advocate print as intrinsic to human nature; evoking emotions and providing a tactile experience
  4. Promote the coupling of print with digital communications to provide a truly integrated approach that allows information to be accessed both with and without a device

Myths About Print

Printing is actually considerably more sustainable and environmentally-friendly than people initially assume. Far from ‘killing trees’, paper is made from completely renewable resources and produced with over 60% recycled materials. For every tree that’s harvested for paper production, another 3 are planted, meaning that printing is actually helping to grow our forests rather than depleting them.

Consuming information on printed formats is also incredibly eco-friendly; paper doesn’t require any energy to read other than a lightbulb if it’s dark, while information on a screen requires data servers and power for the individual device whenever you want to read.

Advantages of Print

As well as being remarkably eco-friendly, print has a wide range of advantages that range from ease of use through to flexibility. Once an item is printed, it is ready for consumption without needing to ensure that items are charged or programmes are compatible with various systems. It can be read anywhere, and even dropped without causing any real damage. It’s this versatility that made it such a popular medium, and why print books seeing a resurgence and outsold eBooks last year.

Taking notes, sharing copies, and ‘backing up’ information are all simpler and easier with print copies, which is why so many businesses still maintain print files in addition to items on the server or in the cloud.

We invite all of our clients and visitors to celebrate International Print Day with us.

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