Great British Bake Off? Mode Magnificent Bakers!

As our Mode family has grown over the last year, we all realised that we all shared a common passion. OK, well we share two passions; one for providing our customers the best service in the industry, but in order for us achieve that, we all need cake!

So we were delighted when Rob Clarke our Managing Director challenged all of us to a bake off. Some were excited at the competition and were determined to win, others had never even cooked an evening meal before so were nervous about even being able to mix a cake.

Over a period of months, each week, a member of the team had to bring in a cake and we all had to secretly mark it out of ten and make comments on the texture and taste. It was extremely nerve racking when it was your term, but absolutely delightful to each week come to work and think about what type of cake we may get that week (obviously this has not aided any of our waistlines!).

Over the previous weeks we have eaten chocolate logs, chocolate orange cake, fruit cake, Guinness chocolate cake with salted caramel glaze, ginger cake, victoria sponge, we even sampled a gluten free cake, and cup-cakes – the list is endless and the waistlines have expanded!

However, it has to be noted that our proudest moment was when our baby baker (Our Service Co-ordinator) Hayley, who had never baked before produced the most amazing cup cakes with fabulous decoration. Amazing achievement Hayley we are proud and we expect more cake to come into the office soon!

However, the winner without a shadow of a doubt was Natalie our HR Manager with an amazing Malteser Marble cake. It won an overwhelming majority and we all enjoyed sampling it many times until it had all been eaten! Well done Natalie!

Last week Natalie was presented by Rob, a top of the range mixer to help Natalie provide even more cakes for Mode, so we look forward to having a cake made with her new kitchen tool soon!

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