Printing and the Environment

Concern for the environment is at an all-time high and with global warming a very real concern, there’s little wonder that many enterprises are looking at ways of reducing their carbon footprint.

Mode Print Solutions are passionate about their part in the environment and as a result are involved in a number of schemes and innovative programmes to help us all make a difference when it comes to the environment.

Recycling Cartridges

Mode Print Solutions is proud to be in a position to assist clients with their cartridge recycling and Mode’s Service Department are on hand to offer advice as well as practical help to those who need it.

Carbon Zero

Mode is also passionate about carbon neutrality and constantly measures and manages its carbon footprint in order to minimize impact on climate change.

Working towards this goal is made even more satisfying by a consistent and active part in world climate change. Mode’s actions include investment in carbon reduction projects in the UK and in the developing world in order to offset carbon emissions.

Mode considers environmental action to be an integral part of its work and the company looks forward to continuing to support and foster environmental action in the future.


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This post was written by Anwen Haynes1

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