Rio 2016 Promotes Environmental Responsibility with FSC Paper

Just over 10 years ago Brazil had the highest deforestation rate in the world – since then, governments and charities have focused on improving responsible forestry and the impact of timber and paper businesses on the environment. Rio 2016 is a fantastic opportunity put those priorities on centre-stage, which is exactly what organisers have done.

The Rio 2016 Committee has partnered with the FSC to increase environmental awareness around the games and ensure that all products acquired for them – from structural timber to stationery – are FSC certified.

214 organisations have become FSC certificate holders since the Olympics agreement was made, including paper and graphics partners. Some FSC suppliers were even chosen as Olympic torch-bearers to acknowledge the work they do in taking care of Brazilian forests.

The paper used by the Olympics events include 7.5 million tickets, 37,347 awarding diplomas, 5,130 Authenticity Olympic and Paralympic medal certificates, 93,754 participation certificates, 237,877 celebration certificates, and the Rio 2016 sticker album.

Kim Carstensen, FSC Managing Director, said “We are very proud to be associated with the Olympics because it is a global event with a very important audience that has allowed us to increase sustainable awareness around the games themselves, as well as motivate people to use responsibly sourced forest products.”

Sustainability and the environment have always been priorities for Mode Print Solutions, which is why we place an emphasis on intelligent printing and recycling. As part of our commitment to the environment we offer a toner recycling programme and a range of tools that will help your business reduce paper use and streamline document processes. If you’re inspired by the Olympic games and the FSC to improve your relationship with the environment, please get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve that with your print processes.

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