Do I Need to Upgrade My Printer?

When starting up a company, it’s easy for entrepreneurs to forget that every once in a while the office will need a spring clean and equipment will need to be upgraded and replaced. You may not always see the benefit in upgrading your printer, particularly if you don’t use it very often, however, just like computers, printers do age and their performance may gradually diminish over time.  Here are some indicators that the time has come for you to upgrade your printer:

Problems with Performance

If your print jobs are taking what feels like an eternity to process, your prints aren’t matching the screen or you’re experiencing recurrent paper jams, then it’s most certainly time for an upgrade.  Although each of these issues may have an underlying cause that you can easily fix, persistent problems with performance suggest your printer is getting old or hasn’t been properly cared for and it will have to be replaced. Mode have recognised this in many new customers who have been regularly let down by their current supplier.

You’ve Hired More Staff

As your business grows so does your workforce and the more people using your printer, the more wear and tear it will experience. There are models available that include special features which are designed to enhance your productivity.

No Multifunction or Wireless Connectivity

The majority of printers manufactured over the past 5-10 years are multifunction, meaning the one device can print, scan, fax and photocopy. They also tend to have a wireless connectivity feature, which allows people to connect their smartphones, tablets and laptops without plugging it in. The popularity of these types of printers has caused the price to drop so that they are more affordable for the average person. If your printer doesn’t have multifunction or wireless connectivity, you should consider upgrading.

So, even if you’re printer isn’t very old, you may have an out-dated model that lacks the must-have features of its modern counterparts. By improving the printing experience in your office, you can expect a more optimised workspace with enhanced performance that supports the growth of your business.

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