4 Advantages of an All in One Printer

You probably don’t realise how much your business relies on its printer. Typically, the most ideal choice in printer for an office is a multifunctional model that offers various capabilities such as printing, scanning, photocopying and faxing.

By grasping an understanding of the benefits of owning this type of printer, you will be able to make an informed decision when upgrading your equipment. Below are four advantages to an all in one printer.

  1. Limits Waste

With an all-in-one system, you reduce your carbon footprint by having less disposables and recyclables (i.e. ink cartridges). Buying only one type of toner for one brand of equipment will also reduce your overall costs.

  1. Saves Space

Many small companies do not have the required space for several bulky pieces of equipment, each dedicated to a different task. Having one multifunctional device (MFD) will save a substantial amount of space, which is ideal for home offices where space is often limited. This will free up some room for other necessary equipment or furniture.

  1. Saves Money

Buying one machine is significantly more affordable than buying three or four individual machines. It is also cheaper to power, maintain and clean only one piece of equipment, so you will most definitely notice considerable savings.

  1. Saves Time

An all-in-one system conveniently removes the need to walk from one device to another; you can get all your jobs done at one device. If you have space for more than one multifunction printer, your staff members won’t have to waste time queuing, like they would if you only had one of each device. An all-in-one system will also decrease your maintenance time so that you can focus on more important business tasks.

All-in-one printers have certainly improved in quality in recent years, offering several important benefits. But before purchasing a new printer, the best thing to do is to assess your requirements and discover what’s the best option for you and your business.

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