6 Tips to Becoming a Print Pro

In a digital world that is forever changing, print marketing is still a very powerful business strategy. This is especially true when it’s tactically combined with other types of marketing, such as social media or search engine optimisation. The trick is to be innovative and creative in order to interact with your target market. If you aim to produce a memorable print campaign, you should see positive results. We’ve put together 6 top tips to help get you started:

  1. Use Clear Content

Large blocks of content are enough to send anyone to sleep – plus, you’re likely to have a limited amount of space. That’s why it’s best to use clear, concise content with your print ads, to ensure your message gets across without being boring.

  1. Steer Clear of Gimmicks

Taking the cheesy route might seem like a good idea, but readers of your ad will more than likely just roll their eyes. There are ways you can ensure your print campaign is memorable and playful without being tacky.

  1. Include the Element of Surprise

By adding something unexpected to your campaign, you won’t come across as boring and predictable. Challenge the norm where possible so that your audience remember your ad, rather than throwing it out straight after reading it.

  1. Add Visible Contact Information

Add your company’s website and contact information so that, even at a glance, your target market know how to proceed with their next steps.

  1. Consider the Colours

A black and white ad will be perceived as bland and not given a chance. Use colours to make your campaign stand out!

  1. Track the Results

As with any of your marketing efforts, you must track the response. If you fail to do so, you won’t know if the campaign was a success and whether or not it’s worth repeating.

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