3 Things to Consider When Buying a New Printer


When running an office, it is inevitable that you’ll have to replace your equipment from time to time, including your printer. Perhaps you’re experiencing frequent paper jams or your printer is simply out-dated; either way it’s time for an upgrade. Believe it or not, there’s much to consider when investing in a new printer if you want to ensure it meets your requirements and is suitable for your office. Here are three things you should think about before obtaining a new printer:

  1. What Are Your Requirements?

Different printers can carry out different tasks and some are more advanced than others. For that reason, you should think about what you’re actually planning to use the device for. For example, if you need to scan, photocopy or fax your documents, it might be a good idea to consider a multifunction printer. Although these may cost more initially, they will save on energy, which reduces your carbon footprint and overall utility bills. Having one device, rather than several, will also free up some space for other furniture and/or equipment.

  1. What’s Your Budget?

Before you can spend your money on something new, you need to know how much you can justifiably spend. Remember that you don’t always have to spend a fortune to receive a decent quality product. In addition to the initial purchase, you’ll also need to consider whether or not you can afford the on-going upkeep costs. For example, some printers have cheaper cost per pages than others, so bear this in mind before you decide.

  1. Do You Have Space?

Before you can decide on a new printer, you’ll need to make sure you have somewhere to put it. Choose an appropriate spot near a plug socket and measure the area to ensure there’s enough room. By being prepared, you’ll avoid disappointment on the day of delivery.

Mode Family Fun day 2017

Family Fun Day

The weather was perfect for our annual Mode Family Fun Day at the beginning of July.  Ideal for all the fun that was planned!

This year’s family day had the usual live music, BBQ and fun with all our colleagues and families, which is always a lovely opportunity to get together. However, this year there was a special twist!

As a surprise to all our employees and families, Mode (under the instruction of our Chairman and MD!), had organised for a special type of “It’s a Knockout!”!  This added an exciting feature to this years’ gathering featuring a bouncy slide, that had to be climbed which, when wet, was almost impossible, along with various obstacle courses-again very wet and slippery!

We were organised into teams and whilst trying to compete in these activities, the Mode children took delight in throwing wet sponges, and firing water pistols at us, making the tasks even harder!

Needless to say, it appears that the Chairman’s team won-although this has been greatly contested, as being a bunch of competitive individuals, we are convinced the point scoring went a little crazy!

Enjoy our selection of photos from the day; do try not to laugh too much! However, the day was so much fun for us all; it was talked about for days after!

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