What is Google Cloud Print?

No matter how digital we become as a society, we will always require a printer every once in a while, particularly in office environments. But wouldn’t it be great if you could print from any of your smart devices, to any printer, at any time of the day?

Google Cloud Printing allows you do exactly that, by connecting your home and work printers to the Internet. The user can print documents directly from an Internet-connected mobile phone, tablet or PC, without being connected to the machine in a physical way. All that’s truly required is a Wi-Fi connection.

Although you won’t need to purchase any additional physical equipment, there are three things you will need when setting up Google Cloud Print:

  • A Google account
  • Either a Cloud Print-enabled printer or a computer that is able to run Chrome and is connected to the printer
  • A device that can print using Cloud Print, such as an iPhone, tablet or Android

Newer printers tend to be Google Cloud Print-ready, but even if you have an older printer, you can still use the system. Simply connect your PC to your printer and set up Cloud Print via Chrome. If this PC is left on at all times, the printer will still work automatically just like a newer Wi-Fi printer. When switched off, Chrome will save the print jobs for later so that you don’t have to remember to re-print them when you switch it back on.

So, Google Cloud Print is a straightforward feature that makes printing as simple as possible. When used in an office environment, this type of printing is likely to boost productivity. What’s more, since there’s no limit on the amount of devices you can connect to it, you will also save space.

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