What’s the Best Type of Paper for Your Business Requirements?

Believe it or not, just like the quality of your goods and service, the type of paper you choose to use as a business is also incredibly important. First impressions are a big deal and if you’re sending printed documents to potential clients, you need to make sure they are presented correctly. After all, there’s no point putting in a lot of time and effort into the content if the paper is not right. Here is some advice regarding the type of paper you should opt for, according to the job requirements.

Copier Paper

The type of paper you invest in largely depends on what it’s going to be used for. For example, if you’re printing a high volume of documents each day, you’ll want to be as economical as possible, otherwise your printing costs will quickly add up. Copier paper is an excellent alternative to laser, photo or inkjet paper if your documents don’t need to be particularly high quality.

Laser Paper

Out of all the different printer paper types, laser paper is the thickest. As the name suggests, it is designed specifically to be used in a laser printer and produces superior quality documents. Although a little more expensive than regular printer paper, laser paper gives you an elegant finish, which is ideal for documents that will face the public or your clients.

Recycled Paper

For many companies, there is a strong focus on being environmentally friendly and reducing their carbon footprint. One great way to becoming more green is to use recycled paper. It can be used in any type of printer and is almost as white as normal, non-recycled paper. This is a great choice for commonplace printing of in-house documents.

Inkjet Paper

If you have an inkjet printer, you’ll know that you need more absorbent paper so that the ink dries quickly and doesn’t smudge. This is because inkjet printers spray the liquid ink onto the page at a rapid rate and therefore require special inkjet paper.

Photo Paper

If you’re hoping for high quality, glossy results, you should invest in some specialist photo paper. This is available with a variety of finishes, such as silk or matt for a classy look or gloss for images.

All in all, you shouldn’t misjudge the significance of the appearance and finish of your company’s printed brochures, flyers or other documents. If you are still unsure what type of paper is most suited to your project, feel free to get in touch with any questions.


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