What Do People Prefer, Print or Digital?

This has been an ongoing debate for over a decade, the efficiencies of digital versus print. So many articles, studies, reports have repeatedly either championed the age of digital, or the need to retain print. Reviews of ROI, costs and other KPIs have all looked at print.

In fact, two things have been ignored: the need for both to live in harmony for smarter business efficiency and what people prefer.

Recently a survey commissioned by Two Sides spoke to 1,000 UK consumers about their preference for reading in print or on digital. The survey looked at what people considered as trusted digital sources, along with looking at whether people wanted to choose how they received communications.

These are the results:

·     78% people preferred reading in printed magazines

·     73% preferred books in printed versions

Other parts of the survey looked at how security on line and information on line is regarded:

·     71% were concerned about their security and privacy-the implication being they were concerned about being hacked.

·     76% believed that news on line has now a worrying trend of being fake

·     78% do not even look at on line ads and try to avoid or block them

·     69% found on line ads annoying

This is not just a UK trend. 9 other countries were also surveyed with a total of 10, 700 respond ants and results from those countries mirrors the UK’s response.

·     85% of French respondents preferred to read a book in printed format.

·     71% Americans read news from a printed newspaper as they believed it gave them greater knowledge of the story.

Mode’s conclusion is that whilst the digital age is very much upon us and initially all the indicators were that paper was out people still want hard printed content, therefore the two mediums working together, can be the only solution for all businesses in their strategies.

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