Top 5 Printer Maintenance Tips

Taking care and proper maintenance of your printer will help it to perform at its best and will keep it in good condition for many more years to come. Whether you own an inkjet or laser printer, we’ve put together our top five printer maintenance tips for you to follow. We hope you find them helpful:


  1. Clean your printer

It is essential to keep your printer as clean as possible. Wipe away any interior paper dust or debris on a regular basis.

  1. Replace Cartridges

You don’t need to replace the cartridge as soon as your printer indicates that it is low; however it is a good idea to plan on replacing it within a few weeks. A dry cartridge can lead to wear and tear on your printer head.

  1. Fold feed trays away

When you are not using the feed tray, be sure to fold it away, otherwise it can easily be knocked or broken by passers-by.

  1. Paper type

You should always use the type of paper recommended by the printer manufacturer. Using the wrong type can lead to problems such as paper jams or excessive toner usage, which will waste money and cause inconvenient problems.

  1. Standby Mode

Printers generate a lot of heat while they are switched on – This can dry up the cartridges or clog up the header. It is best to keep your printer in standby mode between printing or switched off when not in use.

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