Upgrade Needed for One of our Existing Clients: Transmission Energy Company

A client whom we’ve had a very long relationship with, needed to review its printing processes as part of its compliance to GDPR. They were also concerned regarding fulfilling their obligations towards being environmentally responsible.

Mode’s solution

All our existing clients benefit from flexibility when they work with us. Should your needs change, we can work with you to ensure that you have the right solutions for the needs of your business.

As part of GDPR compliance we helped our client fulfil the following needs:

Improve Security

We provided Secure print, meaning that print jobs are not automatically released until the employee that has printed is near the machine.

This prevents print jobs from being seen or collected by any other users that are not authorised. Mode has seen this feature increase in popularity due to the new GDPR legislation.

Mode also provided the client with a convenient card reader which can read their employees existing swipe cards. This means it is easier for users to authenticate and release print jobs. When a user taps the card, it will bring up a list of their own print jobs waiting to be released. If a user does not have their card for any reason, they will also be able to access the job list using a unique 4-digit code.

This also helps with the environmental issue they wished to address as wastage is reduced significantly.

After 24 hours, unreleased print jobs can be purged from the system, reducing wastage of print jobs that are never collected. The software Mode has installed can produce a report on purged print jobs, so you can see how much has been saved.

This also prevents duplication when printing, as users can arrive at machines and discover that someone has accidently removed their printing which results in reprint and wastage.

Multiple jobs can also be queueing to be printed as these are only released once the user is at the machine, ready to collect. This prevents confusion at the photocopier when multiple things have been printed without this control.

There is also the choice to delete print jobs without them ever having been printed! For example, if you have printed in colour when really you only need black and white. Again, this helps reduction of wastage and the environment.

As users have been authenticated, our client’s employees will also have the option to “Scan to me” which is a function button allowing users to not have to find their name in the directory and reducing the chance of mistake.

If you are an existing client of Mode’s and wish to discuss how we can further support your business process or your on-going compliance to GDPR, or if you would like to wish to talk to us to see how we can help you be compliant. Then do get in touch.

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