In a Multimedia World, How Can Your Company Be Heard?

How do you get the message of the services that your Company offers in an ever increasing noisy, competitive digital environment? Essentially the answer is: understand what makes excellent communication and how to achieve that. Easier said than done!

There are many forms of campaign that your business can use to promote yourselves but essentially you need to remember the following steps before you embark:

Know your audience: Understand who your product or services talk to, who is your target audience, and what is it about their behaviour, buying patterns or views, you want to change? You may have a compelling message, but if that is not in front of the right audience, then the message will be lost.

Engage your team: Key stakeholders in your business are vital in collaborating on a campaign. They will be able to offer a broad definition of your audience which can be further researched.

Research: Social media can be a quick way to establish how to target the audience you want. For example, targeting professionals may require LinkedIn, whereas if you are selling to a younger market you may want to consider Twitter or Instagram.

How to create your message: When you have knowledge of your audience, you will then be able to craft the type of message you need. Your product/services need to completely differentiate from your competitors and that is a fundamental strategy for an effective communications plan. Simple, clear messaging will really cut through all the noise in the digital world and that is more effective than long lists of benefits and features.

How do you measure success? Some companies measure success by an increase of sales and these are hard hitting facts that can tell you if your campaign is successful or not. Others are looking for brand awareness and raising the perception of their company. These are metrics that are difficult to track and measure. Whilst ideally you should track this later purpose over time, so you can ascertain whether this has been successful or not, it is understandable if you don’t want to since people like and share posts all the time without really understanding or digesting the content! Let alone changing their perception of your products or services. For your communication process to be successful, you should gather data from other sources. Surveys could help with this before and after your campaign. The initial survey could act as a benchmark, whilst a later one could ascertain whether your campaign has had any impact on people’s perception of your business and the products and services it offers.

Essentially, whatever you want to achieve, knowing how to reach the right audience for you and implementing a rigorous communication plan will only help your business deliver results.

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