How to Find the Right Printer for your Business

Understanding your business needs for it to function efficiently is essential. Understanding then what equipment you need, in particular the type of printers, will only aid your efficiency.

For many, printers all look the same and it can be quite confusing when deciding what will work for you.

Making a wrong choice in your printers can lead to unnecessary expense, decline in productivity and frustration! So, Mode has compiled a quick-look list that should help you decide the type of printer you need.

Running Costs: If you are purchasing the machine yourself, this can be exceedingly costly as the responsibility of servicing, supplies and maintenance will be down to you. Perhaps consider entering into an arrangement with a supplier and review the type of servicing they will include.

Office size: If you are a one-person band, then maybe a portable printer is ideal for you as you are on the go and maybe your office can be anywhere. Or if you have more people in your team, consider the size of your office and the space you have for a printer.

Functionality? You may need a printer and photocopier if you already own a fax machine, however, more common these days is the need for an all in one machine that allows you to copy, print, scan and fax.

How connected? Do you need wireless or can you be connected? Do you need to print from a mobile or will you and your business only need computer connection?

What quality do you need? Think about your needs as a business. If you are a design company then you need a printer that can print high quality so that you can show your clients your work. Or do you only print text? It would be pointless you are obtaining a high-quality printer that has the capacity to print high quality images, when really you only need typed text.

Inkjet or laser? There really isn’t any difference on price these days but think about what ink you’d like to use. Inkjets use ink and laser use toners. Broadly they offer the same quality and capacity to do the same things although arguably Laser have a broader capacity for different work.

Print Speed: Think about how much you point, you will then need to consider the speed of your machine, particularly if you are in need to printing larger volumes.

Think about a supplier! Sometimes its just easier to have someone handle all this for you. There are often so many things to consider when obtaining the right printer for your business that sometimes-seeking advice can help you reach the right decision.

If you need to discuss your printer needs for your business, then do contact Mode today.

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