Mode Helps an Economic Consultancy Become GDPR Compliant

GDPR became law in May 2018, however, many businesses are still in the dark about how their processes and office equipment can be data risks. Mode welcomed the opportunity to discuss with an economic regulation consultancy about their GDPR obligations.

The Company’s issues

The Consultancy had realised that so many of their processes were not GDPR compliant and their equipment was vulnerable to a cyber-attack where their network could be easily accessed. As they dealt with sensitive information for their clients, they realised they had to make the relevant changes as a matter of urgency. Also, as the business was working with high-profile clients, it was necessary in retaining them,  they could demonstrate they were compliant and by not doing so could jeopardise their business.

Mode ascertained that their current print solutions and network were not secure, hard drives were not encrypted and these could be accessed via the device’s IP address, causing a potential breach. Also, without the facility of having secure printing, uncollected print jobs could be seen by unauthorised employees.

Their current equipment only had SMB1 scanning encryption and as this is older technology and has been proven to be unsecure, meaning scanning was also a potential data breach.

Mode’s solution

Mode provided a secure print software which meant that print jobs were not released from the printer unless the user was at the machine. This eliminated the risk of sensitive documents being seen or picked up accidentally. This is a feature that has become increasingly popular in the light of the GDPR law.

All new equipment was configured with an encryption, self-overwriting hard drive. The consultancy could decide when the device deleted its data and that nothing was kept unnecessarily. This meant that they became compliant under GDPR in the sub heading of “Keeping Information”.

All scans were fully encrypted when leaving the device and entering the cloud using the new SMB2 level encryption, preventing the document from being intercepted by a hacker.

Should at any point, one of the consultancy’s clients wishes to “be forgotten”, Mode’s Managed Print Suite can trace and retrieve any print, copy or scanned jobs associated with a client and with a simple command, all that information could be erased from the database.

The added value for our new clients’, was that their machines no longer jammed, and we ensured that as part of our service to them, they received maintenance checks with our service team, reducing the possibility of the equipment breaking down.

If you’re still in the dark about GDPR, then take a look at our GDPR page.

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