Entrepreneur Day 2018

Entrepreneur day was 20th November and it celebrates and creates awareness for entrepreneurship and leadership.

Many people dream of owning their own business but there are many factors that often prevent people from branching out and working for themselves. However, in celebration of all those entrepreneurs out there, Mode has compiled our top 10 tips for being the next Alan Sugar!

The hardest part to be an entrepreneur is starting, so find the will to start!

  1. Think big: If you have a vision of the type of business you want to create, or you see the need in a market, have your dream and think about how you are going to pursue this. Walt Disney said “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”
  1. Have values: all the greatest businesses have been created underpinned by strong values and having a clear mission statement. Think about what you want to stand for, make this your starting point.
  1. Be passionate: drive, commitment, hard work. These are the key elements to owning your own business.
  1. Reach out: in this age of technology and mass customisation remember that whatever service or product you are offering, each person’s experience is individual to them. Make sure your offering allows for each unique encounter, speak to people, conduct market research.
  1. Focus: Where do you want your business to be, how are you going to get there. Plan the future.
  1. Know your market: understand whether there is a need for your product/service, as in point 4, conduct the right research, know your competitors.
  1. Be relolute: You’ll have mishaps, setbacks, brick walls to face, you’ll want to give up. Being resolute in your vision will be paramount in these moments.
  1. Trust your skills: have faith and self-belief in your talents.
  1. Accept change: don’t be too headstrong or stubborn. Accept that sometimes things must change and will change.
  1. Evolve: keep an open mind and be eager to learn new things, find new technologies.

If you bear all of these in mind, then you have every opportunity to be that successful entrepreneur.

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