Is Cloud Printing Secure?

Cloud printing is a fast and convenient printing solution. It allows you to print from any device, such as your computer, phone or tablet, to an internet connected printer.

By using cloud printing, your business can benefit from reduced operating cost and improved workflows. However, because cloud printing means that print jobs are rendered on a public infrastructure, before being sent to print, it can impose a security risk.

Another security risk to consider when using cloud printing is the interception of a print job when it has been completed and is waiting for collection.

So how can you ensure a safe and secure cloud printing service? Below are a few cloud printing security tips….

Follow me printing

‘Follow me’ printing is a good combination with cloud printing, because it can reduce the risk of security breaches, such as sensitive documents being left at the printer and being viewed by others.

With ‘follow me’ printing the print data is only released when end users authenticate their IDs by entering a password or using an authentication device.

Network encryption

Network encryption is necessary to protect data as it moves from your device, to the server and then to the printer. This is particularly important if your employees work remotely or print wirelessly, because without it, users outside of your company could connect to your network and read the data being transmitted to your printer.

Encrypting your print data can be done using a third party print software application, which uses the Internet Printing Protocol to create the encrypted text.

Private Cloud

Implementing a private cloud service at your place of work is another effective way to ensure secure cloud printing. This is because in a private cloud, only you and your employees have access and are in control of the servers. The best way to implement a private cloud solution for your business is with the help of a Managed Print Service provider. These companies will help to ensure that your business is doing everything possible to safe guard yourselves against print and data security issues.

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