Could Your Business Be Greener?

The impact we have on our environment is consistently in the media, and this increased awareness means that rightly, people are more conscious of what they are buying and what impact that purchase has on the environment.

Being able to provide a service that can be proven to be more environmentally conscious, could have potentially a positive impact on your business too in terms of increasing your sales as a business. A recent survey by Close Brothers Asset Finance, discovered that 55% of businesses are prepared to pay higher prices for products and services from companies that have environmentally friendly processes.

However, balancing the need to be cost effective in your business as well as balancing your responsibility to the environment, can be a challenge and the Close Brothers survey demonstrated that.

76% of businesses questioned, said that they favoured the cost of goods over the environmental impact, even though 71% had said (SMB’s), that they were active in promoting the need to their employees to be environmentally responsible. Going green as a business is not a straightforward process.

So how can businesses reduce their impact on the environment?

Review current processes

Look at how you use energy in your office. What paper do you waste? Who travels for business? What are you throwing away that could be recycled? By stepping back and ascertaining your usage and auditing what you do, will really focus on what your business needs to do next.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Buildings account for 30% of Carbon Dioxide emissions globally, so try reducing your carbon footprint in your office by reviewing your insulation, and whether solar power can benefit your business. Also, why not work with a Carbon Footprint charity in balancing your current carbon footprint and offsetting your usage by donating the value of that usage to charitable work. Find out how Mode became Carbon Zero here.

Use the right paper

Whilst many would challenge your use of paper, the view that paper is unsustainable material is now being challenged considerably.

The idea that the use of paper is destroying forests couldn’t be further from the truth. In Europe, forests are not shrinking, they are growing at an exceedingly healthy rate. Between 2005-2015, European forests grew by 44,000 sq. km, an area the size of Switzerland. Equally, paper is one of the most recycled materials with a 72% recycling rate in Europe.

Paper from trees is a renewable source so if it is recycled then you are dealing with this responsibly.

Every business has a challenge in reducing its impact on the environment, but sometimes by making minimal changes has a huge impact on improving the environment. For more information, visit our website

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