Leasing Your Photocopier. What Are the Benefits for Your Business?

How your business manages print solutions can vary depending on your requirements.

Some smaller businesses may only need simple functions therefore owning their own photocopier seems appropriate. You have one outlay and the equipment is yours. However, if your business chooses to own their own equipment you do have to consider that you are exposed to all the associated costs, including supplies and maintenance and that can be expensive.

Managed Print Solutions has evolved the leasing process by providing a holistic approach to owning your own solutions. Ensuring that you choose the right provider is essential.

So, what are the drawbacks of owning your equipment and what are the pros of leasing?

Drawbacks of ownership:

  • Large initial expense: to acquire the solutions you need.
  • Replacement costs: if your equipment fails you, or becomes outdated, you’ll need to replace it at your businesses expense.
  • Lack of consistency: If you have more than one office, it will be harder to manage your equipment and implement policies for your employees to manage cost.
  • No Upgrades: It’s harder to upgrade your equipment when it becomes old, unless your business can outlay the expenditure again.

Benefits of leasing:

  • Avoid the equipment being obsolete: As with anything your printing solutions gets older. If you lease, you will have the flexibility to upgrade when you need to.
  • No upfront costs: leasing allows you to not have to outlay large costs to gain the equipment you need.
  • No Hassle: your equipment is maintained under your lease and supplies incorporated to ensure you have the solutions you need for your business.

The drawback of leasing can be that your finance is handed over to a third party and this can mean that you are often dealing with people you have not signed with, or who have an obligation to you.

Mode offers a third way of acquiring the solutions you need without dealing with any third parties. You only deal with Mode for all your equipment, servicing, supplies and financing needs. So why not give us a call today.

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