4 Benefits of Cycling to Work

For many commuters, cycling to work is an excellent option, but one that is often overlooked. Since it’s Bike to Work Day today, what better time to explore the benefits of cycling to work? Below you will find 4 advantages to cycling to work.

1.     Improves Your Health and Fitness

Riding a bike to work will considerably improve your health and fitness. You’ll burn calories, build muscle and likely notice increased energy levels. What’s more, think about all of the fresh air and vitamin D you’ll be getting every day. In fact, studies have shown that you’re likely to breathe in more toxic air when you’re inside a car than when you’re riding a bike, especially if you’re sat in traffic behind another car’s tailpipe. Moderate daily exercise can also be great for your memory, learning and overall brain power.

2.     Saves Money

Cars are expensive. Not only do you have to fork out the initial cost of the car, you then also have to pay for fuel and maintenance. Let’s hope you don’t puncture a tyre, because that’s just another unexpected cost to add the list. Cars are undeniably life changing, but cycling to work will save you a lot of money. You can also cancel your gym subscription, because you’ll be getting plenty of exercise anyway!

3.     Better for the Environment

Cars and trucks are responsible for a huge amount of greenhouse gas emissions, so if more people cycled to work, the environment would be a better, cleaner place.

4.     It’s Convenient

Lots of us don’t actually realise, but biking to work is extremely convenient. You don’t have to sit in rush hour traffic, for a start, which means you’ll have more time to yourself in the mornings. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about where you’re going to park.

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