How to Be More Efficient When Photocopying

In order to reduce the effects of climate change as much as possible, we all need to change our attitudes both at home and at work. We’re all guilty of turning up the thermostat rather than putting on a jumper or wasting paper by printing unnecessarily. However, if we want to become more energy efficient, saving both the environment and our money, we need to produce less waste, recycle more and try and use less energy to heat and light our properties.

If your job requires you to use a photocopier quite a lot, you should consider ways in which you can be more efficient. For example, make sure switch it off at night time and perhaps even during your lunch break. Photocopiers tend to use a lot of energy to power up, so there’s no point in switching it off for short bursts; only do so if it’s not going to be used for an hour or longer.

It’s a good idea to set up your photocopier so that it prints double sided. This will limit the amount of paper used. What’s more, you could invest in a machine that has a security option, meaning it will only print documents when the user has confirmed before something copies; otherwise you can expect lots of unclaimed print and copy jobs that have to be thrown away.

Multifunctional printers are a great option because it means that you don’t have to use two separate machines (and therefore two lots of power) for printing and copying. Bear in mind that there’s more to an energy efficient office than how you use the photocopier. Be mindful when using other technology, like your computer, which should be switched off properly when not in use, rather than left on stand-by.

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This post was written by Anwen Haynes1

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