Mode Contributes to a Local Community School

Mode was proud to attend a local community school in Hertfordshire recently this week, The Knights Templar School, as it opened its new Arts and Technology Block.

A few years ago this fantastic school, known for its commitment to providing its students with such a broad range of curriculum and supporting the arts and sport heavily, had sought much needed funds for its new building that it had tried so hard to acquire.

Whilst the bricks and mortor were paid for by the local council, this by no means equipped the new building with all the things it needed. That’s where Mode, along with a wide range of sponsors, stepped in, with each sponsor being asked to contribute to each room. That’s how The Mode Graphics Technology Room was born.

Mode was proud to be a sponsor of this amazing school and was so excited to see the Mode Graphics technology room, with its 3D printer, wide range of graphics equipment, as well as brand new laptops for the room.

Walking around the new building, reaffirmed why Mode chose to support this school, with incredible facilities with a new drama studio, Food tech room, and along with the Mode Graphics Technology room, a whole array of new space for the students.

The event was also attended by Rich Simmons, a world renowned British Contemporay Urban pop Artist, who, despite his own mental health issues, has overcome so many things to become highly successful artist. He delivered a truly inspirational speech to students about what you can achieve and how you can turn any negatives in your life, to positives to help others, as he has done. Totally incredible.

Mode prides itself on giving back to our local community, and know that the Mode Graphics Technology room, will be offering students for years to come with the best facilities to learn.

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