Mode’s Operations Team Celebrate their Successes

Our team, the people, are the crucial element to our success at Mode. This team share our vision and values in delivering the highest level of service to our clients.

The team event at The Old Thorns in Hampshire, was our way to celebrate that success by thanking the team for all their hard work. From our Client Support team, the front line to all our client’s queries, to the expert engineers in the field delivering that excellent service, to the finance & HR teams, they all play an integral part to our business.

The event started with a meal and American Diva’s tribute act last Friday night. It was a brilliant opportunity to relax and be together as one team and reconnect. That certainly happened particularly on the dance floor, where there were some very questionable Tina Turner dance moves! Mode certainly has some team members that have missed their vocation in the music industry!

Following a very energetic evening, Saturday brought some new and exciting team bonding. We all reconvened in a field in deepest darkest Hampshire to discover that we would split into two teams. One doing archery and the other driving Land Rovers off-road. This is where we really discovered people’s hidden talents. Who would have thought so many in our Ops team could shoot a bow and arrow with so much accuracy, even managing to burst a balloon pinned on the target?

Also, who would know that Kate our receptionist was a master at driving Land Rover’s off-road-there are no end to our teams’ talents as people drove over tough terrain with such expert precision.

The Operations team are simply excellent, and it was a pleasure to be all together. We are often so busy ensuring that we our delivering the service that our clients expect from us, and exceeding at that, that it is imperative that we often stop, take stock and say “Well done” to all they do.

Our team is simply the best (pardon the Tina pun!)

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This post was written by Anwen Haynes1

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