Mode’s team golf day celebrates another year of success

Mode’s Sales team work hard in consistently demonstrating to our clients and future ones too, how we can deliver high levels of service and bespoke managed printing solutions, secure and adaptable for their businesses.

We always feel it’s important to celebrate our teams who support our clients in focusing on their businesses rather than having to worry about their printing solutions.

So in true competitive spirit, we took the team away for the day to see who could win the prestigious Mode golf cup. However, it’s also a time to come together, reflect, celebrate and bond and prepare for the time ahead.

Competition was high, everyone wanted to win, people were paired to maximise winning potential from the CEO, Chairman to senior sales managers, and sales executives. However, it’s all in good fun and is a great time to be together.

In the end there could only be one winner and one of our senior sales managers, Chris managed to scoop the title once more. A fantastic meal and music followed in the evening and the competition for the best dancer once more ensued! We can’t reveal who the winner was for that, as frankly they’re all good movers!

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