Managed Print Services: How Can This Support your Business?

Managing your printing fleet is time consuming as rarely is this all configured across your business.

IT can often manage the security and maintenance, whilst office management can be in charge of supplies. With multiple departments involved, it can be hard to gauge your real print volumes and what issues there are which can be impacting on your uptime and productivity of your teams.

Why are people using managed print services more now?

There has, in recent years, been an increase in using print solutions suppliers to manage businesses’ printing fleet and reasons for this vary.

IT departments are always eager to keep ahead on technological advances and photocopiers can be seen as a legacy technology, often posing as a security concern and not being part of the digital transformation. The modern workplace needs to be able to adapt, react and stay ahead of the game. Printing devices have often hindered this.

As photocopying, scanning and printing remains an integral part of the everyday business workflow, this needs to fit and work seamlessly into your processes.

Managed print services can help your business understand and analyse costs, supplies, maintenance and service.

What should your managed print supplier be doing for your business?

As part of their process in working with your business, your print provider should be collecting data on your printing fleet, including how many devices you have, the volume of print, the number of black and white and colour copies you currently do. As well as what your cyber security measures are or should be, and really what your business and service requirements are now and into the future.

How this information helps your business

Your managed print service provider should be able to use this information to ascertain what supplies you need and then you should never again have too much or too little supplies for your needs. Instead it will be tailored and seamless, data driven without draining your resources. Also, you should have servicing included so that downtime is limited. However, check your service providers response times so that you know you can rely on a fast service that minimises any inconvenience to you.

Capture the benefits of your printing solutions by choosing the right printing solutions supplier that is capable of managing your needs without any effort or drain on your business.

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