5 Interesting Facts about the World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is only 30 years old, yet it’s hard to imagine a life without it. We use it at work, to connect with people across the planet and even to order our food. Here are some facts about the internet you might not have known:

1.     The World Wide Web was Invented by Tim Bernes-Lee

Thirty years ago, in 1989, the world’s biggest physics lab (CERN) was a hub of innovation and ideas. In March of that year, Tim Bernes-Lee imagined a structure that connected information across different computers in a user friendly way and wrote a proposal titled “Information Management: A Proposal”. Two years later, the World Wide Web was prevalent.

Today, Bernes-Lee has mixed emotions about the World Wide Web. He recognises the positive benefits it has provided to society but is also disappointed that it also provides a platform for bullies, scammers and criminals.

2.     The World Wide Web is Different to the Internet

Many people use the words “World Wide Web” and “Internet” interchangeably but they’re actually two different things. The Internet was actually invented several years before and refers to the networking infrastructure that connects computers and other devices. The World Wide Web, on the other hand, is what made the internet user friendly and available to the public with files, animations, photos, music and text.

3.     There are Billions of Connected Devices

Nowadays, there are more devices with access to the World Wide Web than there are people on Earth. There are nearly 2 billion websites but less than 200 million of these are actually active. The first website ever created is actually still online; Bernes-Lee put it live from a lab in the Swiss Alps in 1991.

4.     The World Wide Web Uses a Huge Amount of Energy

As you can imagine, the World Wide Web uses a significant amount of energy to operate, especially when so many devices are connected. A physicist named Russel Seitz calculated that roughly 50 million horsepower is required to run it at its present state. He evaluated that the Internet weighs about as much as a strawberry.

5.     Billions of Emails are Sent Each Day

Every day, almost 300 billion emails are sent and received around the world. This equates to over 100 trillion emails a year. Believe it or not, 90% of these emails are actually spam or viruses; a worrying thought!

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