What Does Managed Print Services Mean?

The exact definition of ‘Managed Print Services’ is vague because it varies from company to company. However, the end result is straightforward: managed print services help you gain an understanding of and greater control over the printing behaviours in your workforce. As a result, this helps save money on ink and paper, while also boosting the productivity levels of your staff. What’s more, managed print can help with security and is often better for the environment.

Essentially, managed print services use special software on your computers to monitor print activities. It assesses patterns in print behaviour and begins to plan for change. Its overall aim is to help you make better use of your printers within an office environment. Not only is this highly convenient, it also drastically improves control over print waste and security, typically resulting in cost reductions.

In most offices, there are lots of departments managing each aspect of the running of the company. IT support will deal with the security and maintenance of a printer and someone else will have to deal with ordering the supplies for the office. With various involved parties, it can be quite difficult to monitor printing behaviour and whether or not it is as efficient as it could be.

With adequate implementation and intelligent analysis, managed print services can give you an understanding of how each department or individual user is using the printers in your workplace so that you can act accordingly. It can reduce the number of print jobs that are abandoned and then thrown out, which also means that documents containing sensitive information are more secure.

Your managed print service provider will also use the acquired information to determine what supplies you will need going forward, so that you never have too many or too little ever again. Servicing of your printers will also be included, meaning system downtime is limited. When looking for a managed print service provider, be sure to check their response times so that if anything does happen to go wrong, you’ll know they won’t take long to help.

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