The Complications of Security Printing in Business

It is a misconception by many, that security of printing in business matters. However, a Quocirca report recently indicated that 61% of organisations reported at least 1 print-related data breach in the past year.

The consequences of this, is not only expensive but time consuming for your business.

So, what are the common security printing threats? Mode have examined the most that would be detrimental to you.

(a) Printed documents left in the printer tray.

This happens more regularly than you think. A team member prints a document, likely a sensitive document and it is forgotten about as they become distracted by another task. This then makes that document susceptible to theft by anyone that has access to your offices.

What can you do? Secure printing applied to your print solutions ensures your documents sent to print, are only printed once you enter a unique code at the device or have an access card. Follow me printing is one such system that can ensure you have the highest security for your printing.

(b) Sensitive data being sent to the printer.

This sounds like a normal process, which off course it is. However, in the process of sending the printing you need to the device, a hacker can intercept that information and steal it whilst it is travelling there.

What can you do? Make sure that all your devices are encrypted including all PC’s and printers that are used in your network.

(c) Sensitive data held in your multifunctional printer on hard drives.

Many businesses don’t realise that printers are a security threat. All items printed are stored on that device in the hard drive, which makes it ripe for a hacker to obtain.

What can you do? Ensure your print provider automatically overrides your hard drives so that no security breach can occur because of your printing needs.

(d) Scanning to unauthorised cloud apps

If your employees are using unauthorised cloud apps to make their workflow more efficient, then this means that you as a business are unable to govern the flow of confidential data.

What can you do? Simplify cloud to device work and ensure that your employees have the tools in the cloud that have been authorised by your business.

(e) Unlimited access to printers

Anyone can use your printers? Then you can’t ensure how or when your devices are being used and by whom, allowing for the security of your printing to be severely compromised.

What can you do? Ensure that the printer can log data of who uses the machine and restrict who can use it. A multifunctional device has the capacity to securely protect your data.

(f) Scanned documents unrestricted

Anyone can access the documents you’ve printed? Remember, scans are a picture of documents, so anyone could obtain your sensitive information.

What can you do? Password protect your scanned documents on your device.

Security printing can often be daunting, however, by working with the right managed print solutions provider, they can assist with these issues and help resolve them. Remember your data is the most important assets you have. Don’t allow your printing to become a security issue for you.

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