5 ways your business can support a charity

It is often assumed that only larger businesses have the capacity to offer support to a charity. They have the profits to offer the support and the resources. However, that doesn’t mean that smaller businesses can’t get involved too. Plus, their contribution can have a significant impact on the charities they support.

There are several ways a small business can get involved and help a charity.

  1. In kind donations – offering in kind donations could a great way of offering support and this could include gifts of labour, services or even donating your office space to help a charitable event.
  2. Your time and knowledge as a donation – small businesses may not have the profits to donate to charities, but they will have a wealth of knowledge amongst their teams, and this is how you could help. A charity may need help organising an event or highlighting the work they are doing. You don’t just have given money!
  3. Be local – maybe think about the charities that function near your office. You could build a great relationship with a charity that is local enough so that you and your teams can regularly contribute and see the efforts pay off.
  4. Your contributions can count – really think about a lesser known, worthy charity that may benefit from whatever your business can give. To any charity whatever contribution they receive is always fantastic, but to a small charity that perhaps struggles to raise funds, your donations would really count.
  5. Be clever in your contributions – you may have office furniture or IT equipment you no longer need? Think about donating them to a charity.

If you’d like to find out more about the type of charity work Mode does, then visit our Charitable Donations page.

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