5 Things to Look for When your Business Needs to Produce Quality Printing

When you are presenting important documents to clients, it is imperative you have the quality print production that really showcases your business

When choosing a printer there are several considerations to be made and you will need to assess your individual business needs.

Here are 5 things to look for when your business needs to produce quality printing.

  • When creating promotional print, you will need to consider whether your printer has the capability to create booklets. It’s worthwhile investing some time on research when choosing your printer and understanding what your exact requirements are. MODE supports many businesses from all industries and can help you in that research and make recommendations to support your aims.
  • Do you need to product quality printed documents quickly? Then Print speed can be an important consideration, particularly if you have the need to print larger volumes.
  • If you are printing for clients, then your materials need to be spot on. You must however check that your printer is capable of printing on the type of paper stock that will showcase your work excellently. Obviously, a client will be impressed with a professional look and feel. Low quality, cheap paper, visible flaws and other issues will reflect badly on your company and could end up losing the interest of potential client’s. If you are printing larger format print jobs, you also will need to know that your printer has the capacity to create on that size format.
  • Resolution quality is a very important factor in determining the quality of the final product. The resolution capability of an inkjet printer will range between 4800 and 9600 dots per inch (dpi). To achieve the highest quality image quality, choose e a printer capable of printing at 9600 dpi.
  • Another important consideration is ensuring you get the most from your toners. Page yield (knowing how many print outs you can get out of one toner), is exceedingly important. It also contributes to your understanding of your costs and maximising what levels of print outs you can achieve. If you purchase toners that have a high yield, you will obviously get a better return for the cost.

Contact us at MODE and we will help you assess your individual business needs and find the right printer for you!

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