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16th October has become widely known as Steve Jobs Day, celebrating the life of a man known for his innovation in modern technology. Initially The Governor of California, Jerry Brown, declared it just a day after Jobs passed away, but the day has been marked every year since.

Steve Jobs was an American entrepreneur and inventor who was the co-founder of Apple Computers. Apple has become regarded as revolutionary in its product design having created products such as the iPod, iPad and iPhone which are now seen as driving the evolution of modern technology.

Born in Wisconsin in 1955, Jobs founded Apple Computers in 1976 with Steve Wozniak, leaving in 1986 when he then launched Pixar before returning to Apple a decade later which was at that time on the verge on bankruptcy. Pixar helped develop the visual effects industry and also produced the first 3D computer animated film in 1995, Toy Story.

Steve Jobs was known for the personal approach with his teams, choosing to spend his mornings in face-to-face meetings with his product and management teams. The design lab would be his place of choice in the afternoons, joined by Apple’s top designer Jony Ivey and evenings were for sitting around the table in the family kitchen at home in Palo Alto with his wife and children.

Steve Jobs made personal computing a reality. Without Steve there wouldn’t be a Mac and possibly not even a mouse or graphical user interface. Digital music wouldn’t have happened in the same way and potentially would have been a lot later coming to the personal use market.

The devices that are portable and also move away from the actual PC started at Apple, these are connected computing devices that anyone can use.

Whilst Steve Jobs did not invent these items, he recognised and developed the platform for many other talented people to develop the innovations that we have today. Jobs saw their potential and with his own characteristic style, refined them to his own standards. He would then promote them as lifestyle choices, which is something he always saw them as being.

Steve Jobs was an enthusiastic goal-setter, setting both short-term and long-term goals along his way. This enabled him to outline a strategy in line with achieving his dreams. Those dreams included creating simple and attractive products that worked well and added huge value to the world. For this, Steve Jobs will always be remembered.

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