Mode celebrates its 25th Anniversary and looks back at the last 25 years.

Mode celebrates 25 years of service to our clients this year. This is an incredible achievement, from one person’s vision of bucking the trend in the print industry and striving for excellent service to our clients, to building an incredible team of people that all share the same vision. What a team we have, and we are proud of the contribution that each one of them makes.

We have gone from strength to strength, so, to be a little nostalgic, we look at what has happened over the 25-year history of Mode.

Music –

We are obviously Depeche Mode fans-well that is where our name comes from! However….

In 1995, Pink Floyd, Queen, Madonna and Michael Jackson were still very much on the scene, however, the Blur and Oasis battle of the bands was certainly in full swing at the time and the Spice Girls were rocking girl power. Rap, reggae and urban music also dominated the late 1990’s Over the last 25-year music style has changed with rock, pop, pop and R&B becoming popular. Even Grime became popular, although we’re still not sure what that is! But one notable event was Katrina and the Waves winning the Eurovision song contest for the UK (well we’re going to claim it as a British win!)

Technology –

No industry has seen more dramatic change and had a bigger impact on consumers and businesses over the last 25 years, than the technology business.

The first truly comprehensive and fast search engine, Google, showed up in 1998. The most successful social network, Facebook, in 2004. The dominant micro-blogging service, Twitter, in 2006.

Hand-held computers, or PDAs, had failed again and again. The first decent one, the Palm Pilot, didn’t appear until 1996, but it couldn’t make phone calls or connect to online services.

The BlackBerry, originally a glorified pager, showed up a decade after CNBC did. The first true modern smartphone, Apple’s iPhone, launched in 2007, and its app store a year later. Google’s Android debuted in 2008.

The Amazon Kindle, the first successful e-reader, appeared in 2007, and the iPad, the first widely adopted tablet, only in 2010.

Other incredible events:

Dolly the sheep got cloned in the 90’s, Toy Story was the first ever wholly generated by computer film. Plus, who can forget those iconic films: Titanic and Braveheart and of course-Pretty Woman!

The millennium bug didn’t happen, but the millennium dome did open (even though it was criticised, its now used for many things!). Kylie made a comeback and 6 Olympics have happened, Nelson Mandela was released, but we all had to endure Gazza crying at the world cup! since we first opened our doors.

Love them or hate them, Britain has had a few Prime Ministers over the last 25 years-but maybe not as many as you think!

The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP

The Rt Hon Theresa May MP

The Rt Hon David Cameron

The Rt Hon Gordon Brown

The Rt Hon Tony Blair

The Rt Hon Sir John Major KG CH


So much has changed in 25 years, but Mode has stood firm with its values and grown from strength to strength. We now have people in our team that have been with us for up to 25 years which accentuates what a great team we are. We also continue to develop our younger team members, those that want to work with a company that’s thriving and where there’s real progression for those that want to work hard, deliver great service and have fun!

If you want to talk to Mode about your career, or you need to find a managed print services provider that cares about your business then contact us today.

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