Protecting the Hard-drive of your Printer is Essential in your Business Security

Mode works with many clients where security of their data and intellectual property is essential.

Hackers will find any weak spot in your systems to infiltrate and disrupt your business and your photocopiers and printers contain valuable information that could be used. However, so often these devices are not considered in Companies security plans. But Mode has developed a 4 action points you need to consider:

Overwriting your hard drive

Yes, photocopiers contain hard drives and every time you print or scan, that data is being held in the device. If you have an old printer that you are disposing of, then it is essential that you have that hard drive over written. If you have a print provider, they will be able to assist you with that and ensure that the hard drive is disposed of responsibly without any of your data on it.

Implement policies on your devices

If you have highly sensitive data being printed, copied and scanned on a regular basis, then perhaps you should consider implementing a policy where the data is regularly overwritten, rather than waiting for the end of the printer’s life. Remember, whilst your printer is being used, it is constantly storing that information, and implementing a policy where you overwrite the data on a regular basis, may be what you need to consider. These are the 3 types you could consider:

  1. Immediate: The data is automatically overwritten after the point of printing and scanning.
  2. Scheduled: Data is overwritten at a scheduled time, possibly at the end of the day to ensure it is cleared.
  3. On demand: The hard drive can be overwritten whenever you decide, however we would recommend that you do this regularly and perhaps schedule it, as this is something that could be an oversight but is so essential.

Encrypt the hard drive: Ensure that the hard drive is encrypted by your print provider to ultimately protect it from any potential hacking.

Removal of the hard drive: At the end of the printer’s life, you should request your print provider supplies you with the hard drive so that you choose what happens to that data. Of course, your print provider should overwrite this for you and have a clear process of its destruction that they can guarantee to you. However, it is your prerogative for you to dispose of the hard drive as you wish.

Mode always ensures the responsible disposal and implementation of clear overwriting policies for all our clients. If your business needs help with this essential security measure, then do contact us today.

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