Need to secure your data? Follow Me Printing is what your business needs.

Your business data needs to be secure from any potential hacking. Follow Me printing can help your business achieve this. Also, in the modern workplace, Companies are now looking for mobility for employees and integration of technology now used in day to day life, follow me printing is ideal for this. It enables employees to remotely print securely on the company network using either corporate or personal mobile devices. It also allows you as a company owner or director to monitor and control how each user prints. Whether you have a legal department in house, or work for a private company where you would like to ensure that your company accounts are kept confidential, secure printing is an essential way to maintain data security. Many offices need secure printing, even if they don’t work in an industry that has confidentiality requirements. Data is at risk on its way to the printer and when held in the printer memory. With follow me printing on shared devices, all printing is secured and only released when authorised by the user. The person has to be present at the printer for this to happen.

From a security point of view, this will assure you that confidential or sensitive documents are not left behind at the printer or taken accidentally or on purpose. As printing is done this way it also saves costs as unwanted printing can easily be avoided and paper saved! With a Follow me Printing solution, rules can be put in place such as defaulting to duplex thus having a positive effect on reducing paper waste. Additionally, setting up black and white colour rules can significantly decrease your monthly print spend.

Follow Me printing can protect the data with full encryption and access to the device is also restricted so that only those with user privileges can gain use, ensuring only the functions required for their role are enabled. All this protects against misuse and hacking. Educating your staff is key when wishing to control your print environment. Chances are if they know the impact their relaxed attitude towards print is having on the bottom line and environment, then their behaviour is likely to change. By monitoring usage to prevent excessive use of print facilities for personal reasons you gain more control and give staff a level of accountability.

Essentially, Follow Me Printing can become integral in your data security and should be considered when talking to your Managed Print Provider. If you need more assistance on your security, then call Mode today to talk to us about what security measures you need to implement on your printing environment.

Follow me printing

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