Why would a business lease a photocopier rather than buy one?

Whilst we all try and contribute to using less paper and conserving the world’s resources, it is undeniable that photocopiers are still an essential part of a business’ functionality.

However, what works for one business doesn’t always work for another, and careful consideration needs to be taken when thinking about leasing over buying and what is the right course for the needs of your business.

Often businesses think that by buying a photocopier, it is cheaper, or they buy a large device when it’s not often needed!

So why would you lease?

Flexibility is a key reason for leasing your photocopier. You avoid large upfront costs and expensive maintenance costs if you lease from a managed print provider. Also, you should consider the volume of print you need and the format of print you need. If you have an understanding of how much photocopying your business does, along with what size of print and functionalities such as booklet creation, then when reviewing the type of photocopier you will need, you can ascertain the type of device that will facilitate your needs.

Often you can be led to believe that buying is ultimately better than leasing regarding cost. Certainly, you may be able to buy a device that is cheaper than the lease agreement total. However, consider this: when you buy a photocopier, the costs don’t stop there. You have the cost of toner and the ongoing maintenance that you will need to factor into your costs. When you lease, you maintenance will be including in your leasing agreement so therefore in order for buying to be more cost effective for your business, you would need to use half the expected amount of toner, and hope that the machine never develops any faults.

A recent study from Expertmarket.co.uk reviewed the costs of buying versus leasing and compiled this chart:

What their study should was that over a 5-year period, the investment analysis proved that buying is not always the best and that leasing is a more cost-effective option for your business.

4 Key benefits of leasing a photocopier

Free installation & Training: Many photocopier suppliers will often free installation and essential training on all your equipment as part of your leasing agreement.

Maintenance, service included: As part of your leasing agreement will be the inclusion of maintenance and servicing. If your device has a problem, you will have a client support team in place with your photocopier supplier that will resolve any issue you may have.

Flexibility: Your business needs change? You’re expanding? No problem, your leasing deal should include the flexibility to react to those needs.

Tax efficiency: By leasing you will reduce your tax bill. Payments are tax deductible.

Should you need to review your photocopier environment and would like to consider leasing, then talk to Mode. Our tailored service includes even more benefits to leasing, making the equipment you need for your business easier to have. Contact Mode today.

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