Why Would your Business Need to Use Cloud Printing?

Cloud services have understandably risen in popularity, so therefore it is of no surprise that this has now extended into our printing environments.

Traditional printing has had to use cables and whilst this has always been reliable, there has also been potential issues with connectivity, software driver problems and sometimes connectivity issues.

If you choose to explore cloud printing, you will benefit from eliminating printer drivers as your printers will receive information for print via the cloud.

How does Cloud Printing work?

Cloud printing allows you to print from any web connected device, either a smart phone, computer or tablet. You can quickly discover printers that you can access, without any need to set up driver installations. However, cloud printing works with printers already in your office and cloud ready printers. Make sure though that you are ensuring all your security settings are up to date though and check with your IT provider that there is no chance of potential hacking.

What are the benefits of Cloud Printing?

  1. Use any device

Cloud printing allows your employees to use any device they choose without having to worry about compatibility or installation of drivers.

  1. Software updates

The cloud always ensures that upgrades occur naturally and automatically and in real time. Everything will be kept up to date.

  1. Keeps things simple!

Convenient and simple, Cloud printing is beneficial for everyone! No more cables, drivers or software and setting it up is so easy!

  1. Cost benefits

Benefits include a reduction in the need to buy hardware and software whilst cloud printing also allows your business to meet print on demand.

  1. Look after the environment

By printing through the cloud, it reduces your businesses carbon footprint as it reduces your carbon emissions and waste generated.

If you need help with cloud printing, Mode is always happy to assist you. Contact us today.

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