Printer Security Features your Business Must Have

Printer security is a topic that Mode takes seriously, and we blog often on this importance of protecting your equipment.

Since we began 25 years ago, printers have become more and more sophisticated in what they can do. They print, scan, email, copy, and whilst businesses have really engaged with their IT security to prevent hacking, the printer is so often overlooked.

Printer security software really needs to be used to secure your print environment and become part of your overall security plan. So, Mode offers you 7 top tips to ensure your printer security is up to scratch!

Follow me printing

Follow me printing should be implemented within your business. It means that print outs are never printed until the user is at the device. This means that there is never sensitive information sitting at the printer. This also means that your users will not have administrative rights to your printing devices so no one can inadvertently make changes to your devices and leave them vulnerable to outside cyber-attacks.

User Authentication

Implementing user authentication means that all your users would have ID/login cards and will only allow to use the printer when using these cards. This is also facilitated by Follow Me Printing and you can also strengthen this process by ensuring that there is a lockout facility when too many incorrect password attempts have happened.

Protect your stored data

Many people are still unaware that your printers store data that you are either printing, copying, scanning or emailing documents. You must make sure that all your data is encrypted so that no sensitive data can be intercepted by hackers.

Implement Security protocols

Your printers are connected to your IT network, meaning that they are a security risk as hackers can use that access to quietly and secretly access your data. Make sure that all your data being transmitted to and from your device is encrypted through a secure security protocol.

Overwrite your data

Many people are not aware that once a printer has printed a document, that data is stored on your device and this means it can be retrieved by hackers. Ensure your printer provider implements an automatic overwrite on your device so that no data is left stored. You will also have the option on some multifunctional devices to ensure that the printer communicates only to the range of IP addresses you set.

Monitoring your network

Printers are connected to many devices in your network so this is highly attractive to hackers so you must ensure that you monitor your network for any suspicious traffic that could be a potential threat. If your network is monitored, you will be reacting quickly and decisively as this software will be able to detect malicious activity and block it at your firewall.

Never underestimate the security of your printers. If you need to assess your security measures, then do contact Mode today.

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