Is now the time for your business to move to the cloud?

Covid-19 has certainly changed dramatically the way we have all had to work. With more remote working and teams collaborating online, it is so important that your IT can support your teams. So, is now the time to move from your hardware to cloud based support?

Our world has been turned upside down and businesses have had a real test to have the ability to securely and quickly become online with applications and software. So how can the Cloud help?

Be prepared for the worst

If businesses have already transferred to the Cloud, they will be prepared to weather this storm of Covid, as they will have the infrastructure to work collaboratively and mobile with no disruption and they will have the protection of knowing that they have business continuity and security protection.

However, if you are one of those companies that has not made the transformation to the cloud, its never too late to transform your business to help you through these times.

Respond to demand

The Cloud environment allows your business to react to any fluctuating demand for applications. You can scale up or down to meet demands and forever changing environments.

Reduce costs

Right now, businesses cannot afford to pay for large pieces of kit. With the Cloud this is not necessary, and you can streamline IT Spend. It offers you flexibility on what you need to spend depending on what you need so the Cloud can help your bottom line.

Services quicker

In lockdown, moving everything online allows you to release products and services to your team and your clients more quickly. Your time to market can speed up considerably because you can keep your product/services ideas in the cloud and initiate any changes quickly before competitors.

See inside your organisation

In this great age of technology, all businesses have a wealth of information. Whether its employee data, or customer and competitor data, there is so much now that we can obtain insight into. With tough decisions happening right now, the data stored in the cloud are invaluable to you right now.

Agility with your IT

Resources can be spread thin right now. Using the Cloud properly can utilise your IT teams more efficiently. By focusing on transformational change rather than managing on-premise and in-house infrastructure plus having a cloud services provider on tap for your needs will keep you agile through these difficult times.


Being cloud based, having the ability to scale up or down, keeping your workers mobile and agile, will make your business so much more resilient. You will turn projects around quickly and the prospect of errors is reduced significantly as your data will be backed up through the cloud.

Contact Mode IT today if you need help transforming your business through this lockdown to the cloud and start benefiting today.

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