Adapting your Print Environment as your Teams Return After Covid

There is no doubt that Covid has forced us all in business to adapt and consider how we are working.

During lockdown, team have adapted to meetings online, and working remotely, and whilst this may have worked when needed, working remotely is not always sustainable from the perspective of building teams and trying to drive your business forward. Od course, it has been proven that working remotely can work, but if you have decided that your teams now need to return to the office-(perhaps you’re offering flexibility and limiting the amount of people in the office at one time), but either way, you need to ensure that you have Covid-secure processes in place.

One area particularly is your printing environment. Print devices, whether you have a traditional printer, or an MFP, it is apiece of your equipment that you often touch! This makes this device potentially dangerous and a potential Covid transmitter. However, there is a solution for this, so that you are able to continue obtaining the print copies that you need, and that is Follow me printing that Mode has offered to its clients for many years!

Follow me printing has been a key product for Mode for many years because of the benefit of the security it offers our clients.

Follow me Printing has massive security benefits which have always been important because the system does not allow printing to be released until the author is at the device. Printing is released through the use of a card, personal to that user which can be tapped at the device and the document is then printed at that point. Therefore, you no longer need to touch the printer at all! The security benefits that Mode has talked about for many years, are now outweighed by the safety that this system presents to you in our new Covid age!

Other things you can do in the print environment?

  • Ensure your printers are cleaned regularly: make sure you use wipes that are alcohol based and all areas of the printer that are likely to be touched, including, trays, the lid, are cleaned regularly. In in fact why don’t you ask your teams that when anyone has used the printer to wipe and it down and provide hand sanitiser close by for the teams to clean their hands afterwards?

It’s imperative that your devices are cleaned regularly or cleaned after each use. You need to give the responsibility to each of your teams as together we have to ensure that transmission is reduced.

However, if you’d like to find out more about Follow Me Printing and how that can help your touchless printing environment then do contact Mode today.

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This post was written by Anwen Haynes1

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