Does Your Team Have the Right Technology to Work from Home Effectively?

Due to the devastating pandemic that has struck each and every one of us, we have had to adapt our ways of working in order to keep our businesses functioning. Whilst many are beginning to return to the office, some are remaining at home for the time being, or adapting a part home/part office scenario to restrict the numbers of people that are in the office.

So, have you considered what technology your teams need in order to work from home effectively and securely? Mode has looked at what you need to ensure you are heading in the right direction.

Does your employee have a work phone?

Making sure that your teams have a dedicated work phone or mobile phone makes claiming calls easier. This means they do not have to use their personal phone and claim the calls made which can be a time-consuming process each month.

Do they have Broadband?

Make sure your teams have the internet and Broadband they need to be effectively contactable at all times. If they don’t and they cannot come into the office, you may wish to consider assisting them with this to ensure that your processes are as smooth as possible.

Does your team need to print?

There may be times when your teams need to print work-design work, sensitive documents to read (not all of us always want to read off a screen!), therefore you may need to make sure that they have a printer to use for work.

How to run virtual team working?

You can be as flexible as your business allows and you may, depending on your business, be able to initiate the following:

Remote working at different times: Your teams work at different times but co-ordinate via emails-not always ideal, but some businesses may be able to make this work.

Remote working at the same time: This is where your teams are in different locations but working within the same hours and can communicate via Microsoft teams’ meetings, emails and phone.

However, you do need to always consider the security of your business when offering this kind of flexibility. So, consider the following:

  • VPN: A Virtual private network means that your teams can dial into your business networks securely and access the work files they need without the fear of being hacked.
  • Securing your work devices at home: You should make it clear to your teams that they need to ensure that all business devices are secure in their homes.
  • Be aware of working on a train: Screens are very visible when working on public transport, and you may want to implement a policy that states employees need to consider their environment when working out of the office or home.
  • Destroying sensitive documents and data securely: If your teams have sensitive documents, you need to implement a policy that ensures these documents are shredded. You do not want sensitive information getting into the wrong hands particularly if it is customer data you are working with.
  • Do not use public internet! This is a bug mistake that is commonly made! This is not secure for your teams to work through as it can store information, so ensure they never work on public networks.

There are so many considerations now we are entering an era of new working. Some are returning to the office; some have to remain at home, and many are using a combination of both.

Whatever the policy you have, you must be clear with your teams and be secure. For more information on how your teams can work remotely then contact Mode today.

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This post was written by Anwen Haynes1

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