6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Cloud Printing

This year has made us address many things. The way we work has had to change and many businesses have had to address how they make all their business told accessible to their remote workers. On-premises print servers can be tricky to manage as several servers can often be needed to manage print queue, accounting, authentication, and device management. Also, if you do not have a print management company to support you, driver installation, device configuration, firmware updates and app deployment can create a significant IT burden on already stretched IT resources.

Cloud Print platforms are emerging as a way of relieving the burden of this operations and can improve the efficiency of your print environment. However, many businesses are opting for a hybrid of on-premises and cloud so that the transition so that it is a simpler process and allows the flexibility in security and GDPR, but also means devices are always available.

The 6 benefits of cloud printing

  1. Cost Benefits: Moving print servers into the cloud offers significant cost benefits as you no longer have the cost outlay of physical servers on your premises. also meaning that you reduce your energy consumption in your office.
  2. Support for a remote workforce: Mobile working has become very important this year; however, the increase of a mobile workforce has been happening for some time. Being in the cloud for your printing means that your teams have access to their printing environment wherever they are.
  3. Relieve your IT Teams: Whether you have an IT Team or not, often the print environment can be an IT burden particularly if you have serval printers you need to manage. Moving to the cloud means you can relieve that burden as through a single platform, the admin will be able to amend users, update drivers and implement print policies directly themselves, easily.
  4. Security: As the mobility of our workforces increases, Cloud printing allows your team to print from anywhere securely through user authentication. Cloud printing is secure and resilient so you can be assured that your sensitive documents are safe.
  5. Analyse your print environment: The cloud also allows you to review the printing your business does. This means you can analyse what you are printing and whether you need to implement more policies to your teams on printing double sided or considering what they are printing.
  6. Innovation in technology: Cloud printing is scalable. It can adapt to your business needs. New technology can be implemented quickly without the need of hardware and supports the rapid delivery of analytics or added digitisation.

Cloud platforms provide the scalability, security, and flexibility that your teams need. If you want to find out more how cloud printing can support your teams, then contact our team today.

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This post was written by Anwen Haynes1

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