Is your business missing out on the benefits of mobile printing?

Let’s be honest, 2020 has been challenging on so many fronts, including how we all operate our business within the government guidelines to manage the pandemic.

Some companies have been used to remote working previously, so may have the infrastructure to support their teams, whilst others have been thrust into a completely new way of working. So, have you been missing out on being able to support your remote working teams with their mobile printing needs?

What started off as Google shifting its search algorithm to favour mobile devices, did in fact start the dominance of mobile technology. Many people work from mobile devices, not meaning just mobiles, but tablets instead of the traditional computers so that they can work anywhere, anytime!

Mobile printing uses cloud technology that allows anyone with an internet connection and network to print from any mobile device. This technology is becoming more sophisticated and user-friendly and there are several reasons why you should consider this for your business.

Productivity and convenience

You may have employees working from home, and if we are allowed, working away for business. SO, by implementing the same mobile printing platform for your teams, wherever they are, allows them to print to their nearest printer easily. This helps the productivity of your teams and makes their processes easier!

From an IT perspective, this means that anyone can print easily within your network without having to involve IT for any set-up. It creates a consistent process so you can easily on-board new team members without having to engage your IT support for help.

Security benefits

Your IT can set a security standard for this process too. They have no need to worry about secure documents from within the network ending up in unauthorised printer trays because mobile printing ensures full control over which documents are shared and printed within the network. Options include, encryption and user authentication ensuring that mobile printing is ultimately secure as well as convenient for your teams.

Cost benefits

If you have  lot of workers that currently work outside of your office, mobile printing totally supports this increasing the productivity of your teams and reducing the burden on your IT teams and bolstering your IT Security ultimately meaning that you are saving time and reaping cost benefits from this solution.

Ultimately, we have needed to work differently this year and whilst we have been thrown into new practises, mobile printing has certainly helped many businesses remain agile for their teams.

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