Working from Home – Keeping Your Data Secure

We have all got used to working from home over the past year and at the moment it appears that we will continue to operate our businesses at home. Therefore, keeping your businesses data secure is not only the responsibility of business leaders but also of the employees working from home.

Working from home does continue to pose risks of business security and there is a great need to ensure that you maintain compliance with relevant data security and security measures should be maintained and implemented. So here are Mode’s top tips to ensure that we are all playing our part in keeping data secure:

  1. Servers that are secure

Secure servers are imperative when working from home meaning that data can only be deleted, accessed, changed by those with the authority granted to them. Think about ensuring your teams have document management systems so that anything received, edited or saved is done so through the company’s secure systems.

  1. VPN

Ensure that all your teams have access to the business VPN. This not only provides them with access to shared drives, but also means that whilst it runs through your home Wi-Fi, it is a secure private network that is protected by the company’s security.

  1. IT Equipment that is provided by the business.

Where possible, your teams should only be using IT equipment that is provided by the business. Personal tablets and laptops do pose extreme security risks particularly if other member of the family use those same devices. Business data should only be used on business.

  1. Set Secure passwords

This may seem like a simple thing, but we all tend to use passwords that are the same or similar to what we use for other applications. DO not do this! Make sure you can only access your work data from your device via a password that is as secure as possible using a combination of characters as well as letters.

  1. Encrypt devices and documents.

Making sure that all business devices and documents are encrypted means that whilst this does not prevent hackers from accessing your devices, it does mean that all they see is code and cannot decipher it and thus renders it useless!

  1. Hard Copy documents locked away.

This may seem like an obvious one but ensuring that if you do have hard copies of sensitive documents that are currently being stored in your home, then you should limit the opportunity that anyone can access them. Perhaps have a secure location in your home where hard documents can be stored and locked away.

Keep your equipment and work data secure and follow all security measures your company implements.

For further information on how to keep your data secure, contact Mode.

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This post was written by Anwen Haynes1

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